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We believe a personal injury attorney is responsible for fighting for you, and for righting wrongs in society.

Please watch these video to get a deeper sense of our commitment.

Watch this video to get a good sense of who NYC attorney Paul Edelstein is... he is NOT anything like what you think of when you think personal injury attorney.

In his ongoing web series "Pulling Back the Curtain," New York City attorney Paul Edelstein explains how personal injury attorneys have developed a bad reputation for themselves, yet, the important role personal injury attorneys play.

What type of case is the best case for a personal injury attorney and why that should matter to the client? NYC attorney Paul Edelstein talks about the partnership that exists with the client. Hear how the partnership works best for both parties.

In his ongoing web series "Pulling Back the Curtain," New York City attorney Paul Edelstein shares three things anyone should know before testifying in court.

About Paul Edelstein

Please watch the video to see some of the media outlets and topics where Paul has been asked to share his dynamic perspective. No topic is too large for Paul to tackle. As you'll see, he can even provide an intriguing legal commentary in Spanish.

Paul Edelstein is the son of a Brooklyn attorney who is the son of a Brooklyn attorney. The law runs deep in his family, with his father, brother, uncle, aunt and cousin all currently practicing attorneys as well. They learned how to litigate at an early age. “Growing up,” Paul says, “when we sat around the dinner table, you were expected to voice your own opinion, not just accept what someone else was saying - even if it was my father. And you had to support what you believed in. You had better be prepared to do so because if not, you were going to be sorry. In a very real way, I guess without really knowing it, this was great training for my future career.”