What Are the Differences between Joint and Sole Custody? When do I hire a Child Custody Attorney?

New Yorkers have a lower divorce rate than other major cities in the country, at just around 6.2%.  Nevertheless, when New York couples choose to divorce there are complicated issues that become ever more complicated when children are involved. Child custody issues are stressful due to the intense emotions that tend to spill over during divorce cases. Frequently both partners feel as though their home would be best suited to raise the children of a failed marriage, and sometimes one partner seeks to prevent the other from even visiting the children at all.  If you are planning to leave your spouse and believe there will be issues concerning child custody or visitation rights...

About Bone Fractures and When to Hire a Lawyer

A Parents.com report stated that broken bone injuries are on the rise, both among adults and children.  The study found that brittle bones impact more than 50 million Americans, and there was a 42 percent jump in broken arms from the number found in the late 1960s and early 1970s to the present.  With more people breaking bones in many different ways (whether in public, at school, or at work), there are more people suffering significant pain and medical bills....

Manufacturing Errors Lead to Auto Accidents

Recently there has been significant news about the future of driving. More specifically, the possibility of self-driving automobiles appears to be on the horizon.  What was once a futuristic concept left for science fiction and theme parks now appears to be inching closer to reality.  Although self-driving automobiles would theoretically cut down on driver negligence as a cause of accidents, a more concerning hazard would still be ...

Are Google Glasses Really Safe For Use While Driving?

Have you ever heard of Google Glass? It’s the newest wearable computer device created by the tech gurus at Google. This device provides online information via the use of special glasses that function like a hands free smartphone. Though this product has limited availability it could soon be worn by people throughout the world. As a result, lawmakers have already become concerned about what could happen if someone uses the Google Glasses while driving...

Construction Worker Killed in Fall: Family May be Entitled to Compensation

According to The New York Times, a worker believed to be in his 40’s died last week when he was involved in a scaffolding accident at the Dream New York hotel in Midtown Manhattan.  The man, who was working for Alpha General Contracting of New York, had been doing work on the hotel’s façade when he fell approximately 80 feet through a portion of the scaffolding where wooden planks had apparently fallen away or been removed.  The man landed on the sidewalk shed covering the front entrance of the hotel.  He was pronounced dead at the Weill Cornell Medical Center...

East Harlem Gas Leak Explosion: Anyone Affected Might Have a Suit

In just a few minutes, everything can change and that was the case for the residents of 1644 and 1646 Park Ave. in East Harlem. On March 12, 2014 people had left for work and school as usual for a Wednesday morning. One woman noted that she had smelled gas and thought she had left her stove on, but she went back in to check, and it was off. Another woman on the second floor named Sarah Borrero said she smelled gas on Wednesday morning as well. Hiring an experienced NYC personal injury lawyer will be able to answer any questions or concerns regarding the accident and next steps that are need to be taken...

$1.25 Million Payout for Medical Malpractice 12 years later

In a sad case of official bungling, a once prominent playwright’s family was deprived the right of giving him a timely & proper funeral when they were not notified of his death. Worse still was the fact that his body, unclaimed for several weeks at the city morgue in Bellevue Hospital, was sent to Nassau Community College for embalming class. Hiring a skilled and knowledgeable personal injury attorney in Brooklyn will make taking every legal step a lot less confusing and challenging for the grieving family members...

The most important steps to take when you're involved in any car accident

When someone gets into their car, they expect to arrive at their destination safely. When someone who has been using drugs attempts to drive a vehicle, they put their life in danger and also the lives of everyone around them. Driving under the influence is the number one cause of vehicular death in the United States today. Hiring a trusted and experienced New York personal Injury attorney will fight for the justice and compensation you deserve in order to live as normal of a life as possible...

President of Metro North Railroad Stepping Down

Metro North is the second busiest commuter rail system in monthly ridership in the United States, after the Long Island Railroad. Accidents involving these rail lines can lead to horrific injuries and loss of life. Having an experienced New York MTA accident attorney fighting to protect your rights if you are injured is your best recourse in obtaining justice and full compensation...

Schumer Speaks Out on The Rehire of Metro North Engineer

Following the crash of a Metro-North train that killed four and injured dozens on December 1, Senator Charles Schumer (D-New York) blasted the commuter railroad for its earlier rehiring practices. The New York Post reported that the railroad had rehired engineer Daniel O’Brien after he caused a crash in 1987 that injured 27 passengers. Engineer William Rockefeller, suspected of dozing on the December 1 run to New York City, has been suspended without pay while the investigation continues. If you or a loved were in this horrific accident, contact an MTA Accident Attorney to review your case and get the ball rolling for you.

“It’s unacceptable,” declared Schumer, “to have an employee with a bad record.” He added that an employee with an unsafe record shouldn’t “be at the helm of an engine that’s carrying hundreds of people.”


Daniel O’Brien was fired in 1987 after he passed a stop sign and crashed his train into another train packed with some 500 commuters. He was rehired in 1999. In 2012, he was given a 30-suspension for passing another stop sign at Grand Central Terminal in New York City. The suspension was not imposed for a year.

There has been no direct comment from an MTA Accident Attorney on the December crash. However the Metropolitan Transit Authority has announced new safety measures. Engineers will be warned when trains approach the curve at the Spuyten Duyvil station, where the wreck occurred. If the train’s speed does not slow to the 30 mph limit, an emergency brake will be applied automatically. On the December 1 run, the train engineered by Rockefeller was apparently traveling at 82 mph.

Schumer’s ire and that of other New York officials, including Governor Andrew Cuomo, was not limited to the fact that engineer O’Brien had been rehired. Many cite the problem as belonging to the railroad itself. It should be no surprise, they point out, that long stretches of rail time when most people are asleep tends to be boring. Why aren’t there warning devices and/or whistles to keep them awake and aware?

Some say the railroad has long been focused more on saving money than on safety precautions. A Metro-North spokesperson declared the railroad was always “happy to work with elected officials on ideas to improve safety.” There was no comment on this statement from Chuck Schumer.

Contact A Trusted MTA Accident Attorney

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Wrongful Death Auto Accident Fatalities Increase

U.S. auto accident fatalities increased in 2012

The death of a family member or a loved one is a traumatic experience. This trauma is made worse if that death could have been avoided by observance of safety standards, traffic laws or responsible driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there were 33,561 deaths due to auto accidents in 2012 as compared to 32,479 in 2011...

What should you do when you have an accident on a construction site?

Construction workers are prone to fatal accidents most of the time. Even with strict government safety measures, accidents can happen anytime. If you or a loved one has suffered from a construction accident, contact a New York construction accident lawyer. You have the right to seek compensation and get the justice you deserve...

Can you sue from an injury at a Concert?

Although concerts and other events can often be places of great fun and entertainment, they can also be potential sites of risk and injury. A recent case, in which a fan fell on another spectator at Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom during a concert, is just one recent story suggesting the danger audience members can sometimes face at some of their favorite venues. In these unfortunate accidents the injured party really needs an experienced New York personal injury lawyer to obtain justice and the financial compensation due them...

What is the Dram Shop Law? How a bar can be held liable for a DWI accident

New York auto accident attorney, Edelstein’s Law released photos of Dana S. Corrar, the 55-year old grandmother who was severely injured in a drunk driving crash that killed 26-year old Ashley Chieco, the driver of the car that hit her. Chieco, who had been drinking at Martell’s Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant Beach, allegedly stole a 2011 Hyundai Tucson from a parking lot, attempted to drive 70 miles to her home, driving north in the southbound lanes of Route 18. Witnesses say she swerved to miss oncoming traffic before colliding violently with the 2000 BMW 323 driven by Corrar, who was on her way home from her nursing job. Paul Edelstein, who is handling the case, says that the bar holds responsibility for the crash.

New York Dram Shop Laws

New York GOB Law §11-101 states that any person injured by an intoxicated person has a right of action against any person who contributes to the intoxication by selling liquor. Dram Shop laws are named after pubs in 18th Century England that sold drams, or spoonfuls, of gin, and these laws are designed to prevent bar and restaurant owners from allowing intoxicated patrons from driving.


Edelstein, the New York auto accident attorney representing Corrar, says that Martell’s Tiki Bar is equipped with video cameras that should show Chieco prior to her leaving the establishment. In addition, Martell’s employees maintain the parking lot where she stole the car. Edelstein hopes to use the videos to prove that Chieco was obviously intoxicated, yet continued to be served liquor, a violation of New York Dram Shop Laws.

Stolen Vehicle

According to the police, Chieco did not drive to Point Pleasant Beach, and friends say that she knew she planned to drink that day, so she had arranged for a designated driver. A vehicle that was a similar year, make and model to the one stolen, which belonged to a family spending the day on the beach, was registered in Chieco’s name. The keys were in the vehicle, and police speculate that Chieco believed it was her own car, forgetting that she had not driven to the bar, despite the fact that the car she stole was a different color. Police say the owners of the car did not give her permission to take it.

Severe Injuries

Family members of Corrar say she has a very long recovery ahead of her, as she suffered fractures to her legs and ankles, multiple rib injuries, punctured lung, as well as cervical and spine damage. Her attorney says it will be more than a year before the grandmother of a one-year old boy will be able to walk again, stating that she “broke everything from the neck down.” Edelstein says that she may never be able to work as a nurse again. He plans to include Chieco in the suit along with Martell’s Tiki Bar, and says that Martell’s refuses to discuss the matter.

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Can you sue a bar for a DWI accident?

On August 16, 2013, nj.com reported that Dana S. Corrar and her family had their worst nightmare come true when the car Ms. Corrar was driving was struck head on by a stolen SUV, which had crossed over the divider on Route 18 in Middlesex County, New Jersey, causing bilateral fractures to her legs, ankles, ribs lungs and neck and resulting in multiple surgeries...