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What lawyers can't tell juries

Have you ever been a juror in a personal injury case, or were you just picked for one? The judicial system prevents valuable information to be presented to the jury so as to not unduly influence the money awarded. Click to watch Paul Edelstein talk about what juries don't know....

New York Auto Accident Attorneys Fight For Injured Parties

There is no denying that New York City is crowded and always moving at a fast pace. Each day, hundreds of thousands of people commute around the city in various ways including car, truck, bike, skateboard, or by foot. Often times though, accidents happen amongst differing methods of transportation in this populated city. These accidents cause personal injuries, minor to severe, and even death. Responsible parties must be held accountable. New York Auto Accident Attorneys fight for victims’ justices in these accidents and win what is owed to suffering parties...

Can I sue my landlord?

In 2011 the greater NYC area had 2,104,816 renters . With more renters than most cities worldwide have people means a lot of landlords who have a lot of responsibilities to these renters. So with 68% of the population renting, you can imagine there will be problems. Unfortunately few people know their rights as tenants so many end up just accepting health or safety problems they shouldn’t  Don’t be one of these people! If you or a loved one you know has an issue related to their rental, be sure you call a New York landlord negligence attorney and see if you can sue for damages due you...

Personal Injury Attorneys in New York The Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown LLP Can Help

New York is a busy place with lots of moving parts. Unfortunately this often leads to injuries. While ‘accidents happen’ the law mandates who is responsible for what. Sadly in a city like New York, the law can be a dizzying maze of tort law and municipal codes. The last thing you need is to try to figure this out on your own while recovering from an accident! That’s way you need to consult with a NYC personal injury attorney who can help you get your day in court.

Who’s Liable?

Whether you are in a auto accident with a cab or trip and fall down stairs while visiting a friend’s apartment, there are liability issues you might not think of. Will the taxicab company fight you in court? Were the stairs safe and adequately lit? In either case, a different set of laws will apply. If you have a severe injury, you owe it to yourself and your family to consult with a NYC personal injury attorney to determine if there are liability issues involved.

Attorney Protection

Businesses and insurance companies do not like going to court. However just because they wish to settle is often the wrong choice for the injured party. Too often the out-of-court settlement is for a fraction of what you are entitled to. Even if you do settle, using a professional NYC personal injury attorney will help you get a fair settlement.

It’s Your Due!

Far too often people don’t fight for their rights because they see the incident as merely ‘something which just happened’ or accident with no negligence. This, however, is not the case. Liability is not changed by intent so if you have been injured, don’t let the following sway you:

  • Feelings that going to court is needlessly vindictive to the other party.
  • Feelings that you cannot win against the other party’s lawyers.
  • Feelings that you do not want to be seen as trying to make a profit over an accident.

Again, liability is the law and it is up to the court to decide how much at fault the other party is. If you don’t sue, the court will never be able to make such a ruling.

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President of Metro North Railroad Stepping Down

Metro North is the second busiest commuter rail system in monthly ridership in the United States, after the Long Island Railroad. Accidents involving these rail lines can lead to horrific injuries and loss of life. Having an experienced New York MTA accident attorney fighting to protect your rights if you are injured is your best recourse in obtaining justice and full compensation...

Schumer Speaks Out on The Rehire of Metro North Engineer

Following the crash of a Metro-North train that killed four and injured dozens on December 1, Senator Charles Schumer (D-New York) blasted the commuter railroad for its earlier rehiring practices. The New York Post reported that the railroad had rehired engineer Daniel O’Brien after he caused a crash in 1987 that injured 27 passengers. Engineer William Rockefeller, suspected of dozing on the December 1 run to New York City, has been suspended without pay while the investigation continues. If you or a loved were in this horrific accident, contact an MTA Accident Attorney to review your case and get the ball rolling for you.

“It’s unacceptable,” declared Schumer, “to have an employee with a bad record.” He added that an employee with an unsafe record shouldn’t “be at the helm of an engine that’s carrying hundreds of people.”


Daniel O’Brien was fired in 1987 after he passed a stop sign and crashed his train into another train packed with some 500 commuters. He was rehired in 1999. In 2012, he was given a 30-suspension for passing another stop sign at Grand Central Terminal in New York City. The suspension was not imposed for a year.

There has been no direct comment from an MTA Accident Attorney on the December crash. However the Metropolitan Transit Authority has announced new safety measures. Engineers will be warned when trains approach the curve at the Spuyten Duyvil station, where the wreck occurred. If the train’s speed does not slow to the 30 mph limit, an emergency brake will be applied automatically. On the December 1 run, the train engineered by Rockefeller was apparently traveling at 82 mph.

Schumer’s ire and that of other New York officials, including Governor Andrew Cuomo, was not limited to the fact that engineer O’Brien had been rehired. Many cite the problem as belonging to the railroad itself. It should be no surprise, they point out, that long stretches of rail time when most people are asleep tends to be boring. Why aren’t there warning devices and/or whistles to keep them awake and aware?

Some say the railroad has long been focused more on saving money than on safety precautions. A Metro-North spokesperson declared the railroad was always “happy to work with elected officials on ideas to improve safety.” There was no comment on this statement from Chuck Schumer.

Contact A Trusted MTA Accident Attorney

If you or someone you know either was injured in the Metro North Train accident or have been injured in an MTA related accident, call New York MTA accident lawyer Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown, LLP. at (212) 424-1999 or (718) 875-3550 to schedule a consultation at no cost to you. The lawyers at Edelstein, Faegenburg & Brown are dedicated to working hard to reach the maximum settlement verdict for their clients. Their offices are located in Manhattan and Brooklyn, right across from the Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Wrongful Death Auto Accident Fatalities Increase

U.S. auto accident fatalities increased in 2012

The death of a family member or a loved one is a traumatic experience. This trauma is made worse if that death could have been avoided by observance of safety standards, traffic laws or responsible driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there were 33,561 deaths due to auto accidents in 2012 as compared to 32,479 in 2011...

Can you sue from an injury at a Concert?

Although concerts and other events can often be places of great fun and entertainment, they can also be potential sites of risk and injury. A recent case, in which a fan fell on another spectator at Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom during a concert, is just one recent story suggesting the danger audience members can sometimes face at some of their favorite venues. In these unfortunate accidents the injured party really needs an experienced New York personal injury lawyer to obtain justice and the financial compensation due them...