new york Slip and Fall Lawyer

Accidents Happen: New York Slip and Fall Lawyers

Accidents do happen, some are avoidable and some are not. By living life cautiously you have a better chance of avoiding an accident, but most New Yorkers are busy living their lives & are frequently in a rush. For instances where a slip and fall accident occurs due to someone else’s negligence, thankfully you can contact a New York slip and fall lawyer.

Can you sue for slipping on a NYC Sidewalk or tripping on a pothole?

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio recently embarked on a tour of efforts to clean up the pothole-ravaged aftermath of one of the harshest winters in the city’s history. CBS New York reported that the city has repaired over 338,000 potholes since January 1, 2014. Still, residents are dialing 311 at a frantic pace to report holes in city roads and sidewalks that remain open and dangerous because the city simply cannot move fast enough. While the potholes remain, New York residents are becoming injured...